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Rominserv, the general contractor of Rompetrol with over 20 years of experience
Posted at 18.05.2022, 15:43
Rominserv, the general contractor of Rompetrol with over 20 years of experience

Rominserv, the general contractor of the KMG International Group (Rompetrol), is the company that successfully coordinated the turnaround of the Petromidia refinery, which took place between March 11 and April 3. The quality of the work performed during this turnaround leads to increased safety conditions and the efficient operation of the production units.

In the only 17 days allocated to the mechanical works, Rominserv managed to complete all the necessary steps for the authorization and re-authorization of the equipment and pipelines. Also, specialized tests were performed on the catalysts in the refinery facilities, the works for the MTBE Installation were completed only with own forces and reinforcements were performed at the trestle. All these stages were carried out in an unfavorable context, determined by the cyber attack from the beginning of March, but also with delays in the delivery of equipment and spare parts, aspect compensated by proactive actions of the company's specialists.

The scheduled turnaround of the Petromidia refinery was a combined effort attended by approximately 2,000 people from over 25 Romanian companies. The work schedule established by Rominserv, which collaborated closely with the specialists from Rompetrol Rafinare, involved the development of 90 thousand cubic meters of scaffolding, the use of over 25 lifting equipment, about 1,200 pipes were checked, but also over 700 static, electrical and dynamic equipment.

"Our specialists, top engineers in their field of activity, have managed to successfully complete a very important new project, which helps to operate in the parameters and with a high degree of safety of the Petromidia refinery. The people from Rominserv have vast experience in such works, our company participating, in the over 20 years of existence, in many other large-scale projects in Romania and abroad. Together with colleagues from Rompetrol Rafinare and with the support of the contracted companies, the review was completed without events, with all the objectives met and with the satisfaction that we contributed to the stability of the Romanian energy sector", said Nurzhan Marabayev, General Manager of Rominserv.

Also, through with the turnaround works in Petromidia, but also those in the Vega Ploiești refinery (also stopped together with the Năvodari refinery), Rominserv managed to exceed the threshold of 3 million working hours without incidents.

About Rominserv projects

Rominserv was established in 2001, through the merger of the Construction and Supervision Division within Rompetrol, with the Mechanical-Energetic Division within the Petromidia refinery. The company's first major project was managing the turnaround that year. Rominserv provides services for the management and implementation of investment projects, design, corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance in refineries and fuel distribution networks, as well as the management and implementation of turnaround works of production units.

A constant of Rominserv's activity is represented by the general turnarounds. The breadth of such projects exceeds that of conventional ones. For example, the last general turnaround of Petromidia, in 2020, involved over 4,000 people, 100 companies and 22 separate projects were implemented, some of them with a component of development, safety at work and compliance with the environmental requirements of the Petromidia refinery.

The most important internal project carried out so far by Rominserv is the modernization of the Petromidia refinery, which involved an investment package of approximately 400 million dollars, practically transforming Petromidia into the largest and most important refinery in the country. The package included 9 major projects, including the construction of five new facilities (Mild Hydrocracking, Hydrogen Plant, Sulfur Recovery and Waste Gas Treatment, Nitrogen Plant and New Flare System). Following the completion of these projects, the refinery increased its refining capacity from 3.5 million tons / year to 5 million tons / year.

Among the important projects coordinated by Rominserv internally, we also mention the modernization of Berth 9 in the port of Midia, the modernization of the Bitumen Plant in the Vega refinery (the only domestic producer of polymer modified bitumen), the construction and modernization of over 700 fuel stations from 2003, to date.

In addition to the projects carried out in the oil & gas sector, Rominserv has the capacity to be a general contractor to operate in other specialized areas, representing a solution provider for industry partners. The company already has in its portfolio infrastructure-related projects such as the replacement of the ISACCEA 1 Natural Gas Measurement Unit or the extension of the Băicoi-Urlați-Plopeni sewerage network.

Rominserv is a constant presence on the foreign market as well. Among the important projects worth mentioning are the modernization works of the Pavlodar refinery in Kazakhstan, where Rominserv executed "turnkey" projects (design, supply and execution) projects that totaled over 380 million dollars.

The company intends, in the near future, to expand its operations in neighboring countries, but also in Kazakhstan, the goal being to become a major international EPC entrepreneur (engineering, procurement, and construction), with notoriety and a significant market share.


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