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365 days without incidents – on our way to reaching 100% safety
Posted at 14.08.2018, 20:10
365 days without incidents – on our way to reaching 100% safety

Over the time, our safety culture has begun to change as our understanding of the complexity of production processes and the need for increasing personal responsibility in occupational safety issues. We have witnessed further development in this direction, when we began to perceive ourselves as leaders in the field of safety and labor protection as a result of a more effective team-to-team interaction. Safety has become not just the fulfillment of legislative requirements, but also a moral duty towards our employees, representatives of subcontractor organizations and society. In addition, we have realized that the introduction of best practices to ensure safety and labor protection does not cause any harm, while non-compliance with safety rules can lead to huge losses, both material, human and reputational.

An ideal day in terms of safety is a day when all KMG employees return home to their families unharmed, a day when no accidents occurred, and our activities did not cause damage to the environment. In 2014, we first started counting such days and worked 90 days without incidents. In 2015, the indicator reached 96 days, and by the end of 2017 improved by 30% and reached 125 days. The statistics of the current year allows us to forecast 200 days without incidents by the end of the year, but, despite the positive dynamics, we still have something to strive for. We must understand that the closer we get to the goal - 365 days without incidents, the more efforts we will have to make to achieve each subsequent day.

For this reason, we are launching the "100% safety" program. If before the complete absence of accidents was our vision, now it is the outcome expectation. This means that we grant the right to our employees and the contractor's staff and expect them to frankly express their opinion, intervene and ensure compliance, if they notice a non-compliance, a violation of safety regulations or a deviation from the "100 % safety" principle.

KMG is serious about 100% compliance with safety standards as one of the company's core values. This is not just a slogan!

Me and the whole management of KMG are committed to the principle of "100% safety".


Sauat Mynbayev

Chairman of the Board Group of companies of “KazMunayGas”